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Automotive PR has successfully worked for clients in or from the automotive industry in China since 2006. We have experienced affiliates in Shanghai and consultants based in Qingdao and Chongqing together with significant China business experience in our office in London.

APR Shanghai  is a full service PR agency and also a localized advertising company specialized in marketing promotion, exhibition and construction manufacture. The company in its PR function manages strategic communication in East China, assisting clients in sectors such as FMCG products, Luxury Autos, Luxury Consumer Products and Architecture Design Firm. The majority of clients are in the automotive business.

 In addition, we have very strong capabilities through local alliance partners in other key automotive markets such as North America, Western Europe, Brazil, Mexico, India etc and can assist you in communicating your messages to your customers and increasing your market share in these markets.

 In China, our clients have included a range of Chinese brands where we have gained valuable experience in representing Chinese companies to the international media (for example we managed the international launch of Nanjing MG, the first Chinese-owned global auto brand).

 As such, we understand the marketing and brand challenges Chinese companies face in selling their products, technologies and services in overseas markets. This, coupled with a strong Chinese team, will allow us to help you with all your automotive marketing needs including:

•Helping to establish your brand in key overseas markets
•Raising your profile and opening the door to the Western media, including training on how to deal with ‘difficult’ and independent journalists
•Developing and creating brand messages and values for overseas markets
•Expanding your overseas business

For Western businesses seeking to conquest the complex China market we understand and have strong contacts in the specialist automotive media and are experienced in winning positive coverage.

Shanghai, China 
No. 1118 Chang Shou Road 
Shanghai 200042
Telephone: + 86 (0)21 646 60087 

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