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IDP10 success for The DearmanLIQUID AIR Engine
A consortium led by the Dearman Engine Company has been awarded close to £2 million in the latest round of IDP10 funding from the Technology Strategy Board to support the development of a heat-recovery system for urban commercial vehicles. This innovative technology offers potential fuel savings to... read more
BYD will announce G5, Tang and ‘542 Technology’ at Beijing Auto Show
The 13th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, 2014 is fast approaching.... read more

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Welcome to Automotive PR

Automotive PR operates in every sphere of the global motor industry – with bases currently in the UK, Europe, North & South America, India, Australia, South Africa, Japan and China.

But we’re much more than just a PR company.

We provide our clients with product, political and market intelligence about the motor industry. If we don’t know about it we know someone who does.

We have as our resources:

  • Experts - one of the world’s foremost academic observers of the global motor industry, Professor Garel Rhys, CBE, is on our Board and we can access many others.
  • Insights - our own are outstanding. From cars to materials, from trucks to motorsport, from buses to engineering, from on-line retailing to tyres - we understand and work in every sector.
  • Journalists - on a daily basis we speak to the most important motoring writers, those who have a finger on every pulse of every facet the industry. We feed them positive information about our clients; they keep us updated on important issues

So if you need to:

  • know more about the competition,
  • find the ammunition for a new marketing campaign,
  • research a possible merger or acquisition target or
  • work up an opportunity for new business

We can help with dedicated, professional and specialist consultancy services.

Automotive PR is your expert resource in the motor business

Automotive PR – much more than just a PR company

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