Touring Glass – A Social Business

In PR, a link to current affairs is very likely to lead to success. For car glass repair service specialist Touring Glass, a current affair fell literally from the sky. On June 9th, 2014, Belgium was hit by a fierce hail storm. The damage was huge; many houses and vehicles were damaged. Since 2014, AutomotivePR Belgium/ LVTPR manages the Twitter account (@TouringGlassBE) for our customer Touring Glass, a leading provider of car glass repair services. It is our aim to reach out to potential customers and generating new business. Additionally, we want to reach journalists and stakeholders via Twitter. We create our own content and are always on the lookout for on line news on Touring Glass, car glass and car glass repair services in Dutch as well in French. During the hailstorm, the hashtag #hailstorm became a trending topic very quickly. We immediately added this hashtag to our key words in order to be able to identify victims of car glass damage. We contacted them as quickly as possible to see if we could help out.

In this way, we not only increased the brand awareness of Touring Glass among the target group, but also created a positive sentiment among existing and new customers who expressed their satisfaction via various social media. To support this process, we use Coosto, an advanced social media tool for inline tracking of conversations on Twitter, Facebook (and soon LinkedIn), web care, campaign and crisis monitoring. It is also possible to create an analysis of the competition for quick adjustments of one’s strategy.

When there is no crisis, we also use the social media tool for the daily management of the Twitter account. We distribute tweets on new deals or retweet online news on Touring Glass. Monitoring also leads to new clients. Recently, an interview with Touring Glass was published in the French-spoken daily l’Avenir about breaking the Carglass monopoly in the Belgian car glass repair market. This news was received gladly by someone on Twitter who was dissatisfied with the lack of competition and happy with an alternative (see tweets below). Thanks to our tool we ware notified quickly and were able to welcome a new customer.

Touring Glass is convinced we attract new customers through social media and that our knowledge and the tool are indispensable in their PR strategy. Obviously, Coosto offers more possibilities. Are you interested in social business and setting up a social media strategy? Let us help you.


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