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Privacy policy


Torque Agency Group is a communications agency, we create and deliver content through live events, social and media channels.  We operate from the UK and globally, details of which can be found on our website

To deliver content as agreed with our clients, we need to access and use personal data for different purposes, these include:


  • For media and other stakeholders, we tailor content and events to make them relevant. This allows us to create content and experiences, to targeted audiences, to support client companies and their products.
  • For clients and suppliers, we need to ensure contact details and relevant business information is available so that we can respond promptly to client and media requests and deliver the best service possible.

Our data protection policy aims to allow us to provide the best possible service to media and clients alike, while also committing to the following:

  • Complying with the law
  • Respecting individual’s rights
  • Following good practice
  • Being open and honest
  • Providing training and support for staff, so that they can act confidently and consistently
  • Protecting clients, staff and other individuals
  • Protecting the company
  • Notifying the Information Commissioner voluntarily when necessary

As a company we process both personal and sensitive data. We’re committed to make sure personal, private data stays safe and secure. We will never sell personal details to anyone and will only pass on contact details when approved by the individual for legitimate business reasons.  We will only collect the data we need to provide prompt and comprehensive customer service, improve our offering and fulfil our responsibilities to those with whom we do business.

Our media contact database is run through a third party, Vuelio, further information can be found here

Personal data of guests attending business events organised and managed by us, is provided to us on an opt in basis and held specifically to make travel and other arrangements.  It is not retained for any other purpose or period, beyond the event in question.

Client, supplier and staff information is provided to us by the individuals and companies with which we work on an opt in basis.

Our data is held for as long as is necessary to successfully carry out activities on your behalf or as recommended by HMRC and other recognised bodies. We always consider the potential risk from anyone using or sharing this information without permission and store it accordingly.

To find out more about our data storage, retention periods or to request access to your data, please contact