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Security Triangle Communication Campaign

"FA drives the success of the Security Triangle campaign, raising awareness in road safety."

Security Triangle Communication Campaign

Case study by APR Spain

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The “Security Triangle” was an initiative focused on road safety awareness. The campaign was created by CETRAA, the Spanish Confederation of Automobile Repair Workshops and Affiliates, and driven and promoted by the General Directorate of Traffic along with leading companies in brakes, tires, and shock absorbers (the components of this triangle) such as Bosch, Michelin, and Monroe, respectively. The campaign involved a free review of these three components by CETRAA workshops over two months.

The campaign’s success by FA was achieved through a series of objectives, notably raising consumer awareness about the review of the 3 safety elements, encouraging visits to workshops, and enhancing CETRAA’s image not only among its associated workshops but also among potential associates.

The preparatory work included collaboration with brands, defining messages, designing materials, and a microsite, in addition to coordinating with more than 10,000 workshops and a plan for digital media. The campaign kicked off on June 17 with a presentation in Madrid focused on the importance of checking tires, brakes, and shock absorbers for vehicle safety, with executives from the three manufacturers, the then-president of CETRAA, and the former director of the DGT participating. The day was marked by a significant media presence and a high number of impacts; more than 180 appearances, including prestigious national media outlets and major Spanish radio networks. The online strategy on social networks complemented the offline actions, thus expanding the campaign’s reach and visibility.

The initiative concluded with significant workshop participation, demonstrating a high return on investment and strengthening the Confederation’s image.

This campaign was a great success for us as a communication agency, where we integrated the press office, events, and social media into a multidisciplinary proposal, fully achieving the set objectives.