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Truckloads of coverage for Einride

Driving the Green Future: Einride Captures Attention with Its Innovative Electric Fleet in the Benelux Market

Truckloads of coverage for Einride

Truckloads of coverage for Einride

Case study by APR Benelux

Start-up launch Belgium

It ain’t easy being green, but Swedish tech and logistics company Einride sure makes it look simple with their fully electric and autonomous solutions for road transport. The start-up is rapidly scaling seeks to redesign the transportation sector. After rolling into Germany at the end of summer, they were ready to take on the Benelux market in December 2022. We were there to support them, every step of the way.

Giving innovation a platform

The large-scale deployment of e-trucks for the world’s largest brewer, here in Belgium, surely made the headlines. A broad range of outlets covered the developments, ranging from a TV interview with Kanaal Z for their 6 o’clock bulletin, to an article on sustainability news website EcoTips, and coverage across language borders, from L’Echo to Het Nieuwsblad. Additionally, the news was covered by sector specialists like Logistiek BE, Flows, plus a full-fledged interview in Transport Media.

We pulled out all the stops and reached out to our network of media to share the news with them or secure more in-depth interviews. To make this happen, Einride’s leadership spoke to opinion makers in the Belgian transport media landscape, on the sidelines of the Benelux launch event. Subsequently, they were featured in Trends Top Transport through Evoke, including an interview with Robert Ziegler, General Manager, Europe, along with other interviews.

Media coverage

This diverse mix of media coverage played a crucial role in Einride’s ambition; they didn’t just want to get coverage in small transport publications but wanted to be featured in prominent general media publications. Eindride was happy to see our approach reach this goal. Since the launch in Belgium, they have been making significant strides in becoming a recognised name within the e-truck industry and within green mobility in general.

Maja Ruhbach, Global PR Manager, Einride: “Evoke has successfully supported Einride in its market entry into the Benelux region, always acting proactively, professionally and quickly. The result of the collaboration and their local expertise was a well balanced and relevant mix of media coverage that opened the door for our company to build long term relationships in the Belgian media landscape and to be perceived as a leading pioneer in our industry.”