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Letting Fraikin’s customers do the talking: the power of customer stories

Customer stories

Letting Fraikin’s customers do the talking: the power of customer stories

Case study by APR Benelux

In the world of business, there’s an undeniable truth: getting compliments from someone else always carries more weight than patting yourself on the back. At Fraikin, one of Europe’s premier providers of rental and leasing solutions for company vehicles, they really understand this principle. Instead of relying solely on self-promotion, Fraikin leverages the powerful tool of customer stories to showcase their excellence – with the help of Evoke.

With years of experience and expertise in the rental and leasing industry, Fraikin has cultivated strong relationships with clients both large and small. To highlight these relationships and the exceptional service they provide, Fraikin regularly develops customer stories.

So, how does this process unfold?

Firstly, Fraikin gets in touch with their customer to select a relevant story that illustrates their positive experiences. Fraikin then contacts their PR consultant at Evoke to explain the partnership or project. Based on this information, we draft a tailored questionnaire to delve into the specifics of the case. What challenges did the customer face? Why did they choose Fraikin? And most importantly, what benefits do they now enjoy as a result of their partnership with Fraikin?

Next, interviews are conducted with both Fraikin and the client to gather insights and quotes. These interviews serve as the foundation for crafting a compelling narrative that highlights the value Fraikin brings to its customers. The resulting customer story undergoes revisions in collaboration with both Fraikin and the client before being finalized.

Versatile tool

Once complete, the customer story becomes a versatile tool for both Fraikin and the client. They can share it across their own channels, showcasing real-world examples of Fraikin’s excellence in action. Additionally, Evoke proactively engages with trade press to ensure these customer stories gain further exposure.

By letting their customers do the talking, Fraikin not only reinforces their reputation for excellence but also establishes credibility and trust within their industry. After all, there’s no better testament to the quality of service than the satisfied voices of those who have experienced it firsthand.

Lead generation

Cindy Willemyns, business development manager at Fraikin:

“Customer stories are a win-win for both Fraikin and our customers. By allowing our customers to share their experiences with our services, we create reliability. What’s more, these stories help us convince potential customers to work with us. For example, one customer story resulted in a new customer and we immediately earned back our retainer at Evoke.”